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See How Fit You Really Are
Copyright:http://www.abc-of-fitness.com/news/201112/see-how-fit-you-really-are.asp Update:WEDNESDAY, 14 DECEMBER 2011

Whether your goal is to lose weight, pack on muscle, train for a sport, or just stay fit and healthy, WeightTraining.com is here to help you get where you need to be. Here at WeightTraining.com our #1 goal is to make it easy for you to accomplish your fitness goals and have the very best workouts possible by providing the very best data possible.

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During the Holidays Exercise is Still a Priority

Copyright:http://www.abc-of-fitness.com/news/201112/during-the-holidays-exercise-is-still-a-priority.asp Update:TUESDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2011

It’s the season to be jolly and stressed! It’s autopilot time as we get ready for the holidays. There’s gift shopping, parties, holiday feasts and family visits, all triggers for feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Add to that lack of sleep and exercise, increased alcohol consumption, and time constraints and money issues, and you have a recipe for unhealthy behaviors.

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Medicineless Approach to Wellness in Winter

Copyright:http://www.abc-of-fitness.com/news/201112/medicineless-approach-to-wellness-in-winter.asp Update: SATURDAY, 17 DECEMBER 2011

Imagine staying well in winter, while co-workers are succumbing to colds and flus and the winter blues. The ancient practice of Qigong embodies movement, meditation and sounds to awaken body and mind to thrive. Master Mingtong Gu of The Chi Center is bringing Qigong to the internet with a new class series: Pure Qi with Master Gu, which is focused on staying well, joyful and energetic through the seasons of 2012.

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Daily Dose of Laughter Improves Health & Longevity

Copyright:http://www.abc-of-fitness.com/news/201112/daily-dose-of-laughter-improves-health-longevity.asp Update: MONDAY, 19 DECEMBER 2011

Studies have shown that a daily dose of laughter is an effective preventative measure that reduces stress in the short-run but can also lead to long-term benefits by reducing the likelihood of developing stress-induced cardiovascular diseases.

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Voices! Against Brain Cancer 1st Annual Run/Walk

Copyright:Mariangela Silvestre Update:TUESDAY, 29 NOVEMBER 2011 

Voices Against Brain Cancer, New York Road Runners (NYRR) and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) have joined forces in the Annual “Join the Voices! Against Brain Cancer First Annual Run/Walk” on Sunday, December 4 in Central Park in New York City.

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Healthy Eating and Exercise: Do Fad Diets Work?

Copyright:http://www.abc-of-fitness.com/news/201112/healthy-eating-and-exercise-do-fad-diets-work.asp Update :THURSDAY, 8 DECEMBER 2011
Putting on a few extra pounds is quite normal and you be able to carry a little weight without too much trouble. However, if you start getting too overweight, it may be time to start thinking about healthy eating and exercise to lose weight.

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Healthy Lifestyle Primer: Coach Can Fitness Fun!

Copy Right ,MONDAY, 28 NOVEMBER 2011  Submitted By: Mariangela Silvestre

Mike Alexander announced today the release of Coach Can Fitness Fun! Published by Outskirts Press. This full color, interactive children’s book promotes a healthy lifestyle for children in a light, rhyming text with jovial illustrations in order to inspire youngsters early on to eat healthier, exercise more and avoid growing up overweight or obese.

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15 minutes of fitness a day can add 3 years to your life

Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters. updated 8/15/2011

HONG KONG — Doing just 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day may add three years to your life, a large study in Taiwan has found.

Most people struggle to stick to the standard guideline of 30 minutes a day of exercise, five days a week, and experts hope that by identifying a lower dose, more people will be motivated to get off the couch.

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