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During the Holidays Exercise is Still a Priority

Copyright:http://www.abc-of-fitness.com/news/201112/during-the-holidays-exercise-is-still-a-priority.asp Update:TUESDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2011

It’s the season to be jolly and stressed! It’s autopilot time as we get ready for the holidays. There’s gift shopping, parties, holiday feasts and family visits, all triggers for feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Add to that lack of sleep and exercise, increased alcohol consumption, and time constraints and money issues, and you have a recipe for unhealthy behaviors.

Lady of America Franchise Corporation wants to make sure you enjoy the holiday season while staying on track.

“When your days and time are tight, you must find the time and energy to exercise, no matter what time of day. It may be impossible to make it to the gym or to a class, but there are many other ways to sneak workouts into your day,” said Natalie Brabner, Lady of America Franchise Corporation’s official fitness trainer. “There is no reason you can’t stay on track and enjoy the holiday season without adding pounds!”

Brabner strongly suggests that you make holiday exercises a priority. “During the holidays, schedule your workouts like you would an appointment,” she said. “If you’re finding your days are jammed-packed more than usual, get up early to workout. LOA Fitness for Women and our brands, Ladies Workout Express, Lady of America and Health Clubs of America (HCOA), are generally open early in the morning and close in the evening.”

To make sure you stay active every day, Brabner suggests the following:

  • Always have your gym bag in the car ready to go, just in case your day changes.
  • Can’t get to the gym? Do something different: jump rope, run, dance.
  • Break up your exercises into three 20-minute sessions. One session do upper body exercises, another lower body and the third, circuit training.
  • Instead of meeting friends for coffee or a drink, make it a power walk get-together.
  • Park further away from the door, skip the elevator and escalator and take the stairs, get off the bus or train a stop earlier.
  • When watching TV, do push-ups and sit-ups during the commercials. If you have a treadmill, jump on. Don’t forget to grab the dumbbells and get some bicep and triceps work in.
  • Break your lunch hour up. Eat for half the hour and walk the remainder of the break.
  • Increase the intensity of your workouts.
  • If you live in a warm region and can’t make it to the gym, bike ride, go on a hike, walk or swim.
  • If you live in a cold, wintry climate, try ice skating, jogging, cross-country skiing and skiing.
  • Stuck inside because of a blizzard? Pop in a DVD or check out the exercise programs on cable TV and get moving.

No matter what you do, be sure to fit some activity into your day. Not only will you increase your energy, you’ll bolster your immune system and burn calories.



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