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Daily Dose of Laughter Improves Health & Longevity

Copyright:http://www.abc-of-fitness.com/news/201112/daily-dose-of-laughter-improves-health-longevity.asp Update: MONDAY, 19 DECEMBER 2011

Studies have shown that a daily dose of laughter is an effective preventative measure that reduces stress in the short-run but can also lead to long-term benefits by reducing the likelihood of developing stress-induced cardiovascular diseases.

On October 20th, 2011, Lion’s HealthFirst Foundation, an international charity supplying the community with health education and preventative screening programs held their first annual Laugh-a-thon fundraiser to raise both money and awareness for their preventative screening programs. The fundraiser included presentations by Dr. Alvin Lin and Dr. Annabel Barber discussing the subject of laughter as a preventative “medicine.” James Bartel, a member of the Board of Trustees, expressed, “In today’s economical problems, people are being overrun with stress and forgetting to take a moment to laugh and enjoy life which will only lead to cardiovascular complications later on in life.” Part of the Laugh-a-thon event included performances by several comedians to induce laughter in its attendees.

James Bartel expressed content with the event stating, “With our first Laugh-a-thon fundraiser, we will be able to increase awareness and continue to provide preventative screening programs to Las Vegas adults and seniors.” A supporter of the event, Lindsey Higgins of LinfityCosmetics.com, stated, “It’s great to support a foundation that focuses on preventative cardiovascular outreach and awareness.”

Lindsey Higgins, owner of Linfinity Cosmetics, has previously been a Former Image of Fitness USA. After years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, Lindsey Higgins has recognized the importance of exercise, wellness and preventative measures to live long happy and healthy lives.




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