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How We Do It


We open plastic molds and use our own injection machines. Our molds are carefully drawn and planned and we offer OEM services. This is the start of the process. Customers can choose any color for the plastic parts of the machine.

    This is the second phase - the plastic parts are ready for assembling.

The steel material is prepared before processing and forming. 

    The steel parts are going through a process of color spray and protective materials.
    Robotic welding is processed in order to assure accuracy and increase the quality of the products final finish.
    The assembling floor is ready for manufacturing last stage, the motors and other machine parts are assembled here in a few stages, between which the products also go through intense quality control.
    The machine parts are assembled, we are able to assemble hundreds of machines each day.

A technician is checking the machines before they are sent to the next phase of assembling. The machines are checked and tested one by one to assure they comply with the highest possible QC standards, and that they operate correctly.

    Each part of the machine is carefully examined, every detail is being checked.
    The machines are tested to check their durability and to assure they are ready for the sea journey.

A certain percentage is randomly chosen out of the finished order by our QC department. After the machines are tested and no problem is found they are transfered to the packing area.

    In the packing area the cartons are packed and the content is check to make sure all parts are in place and packed correctly, especially in order to prevent movement of parts in the carton. We put a lot of effort and thought to make sure all parts are placed correctly and the packaging is strong enough to protect the machines.
    The machines are packed and getting ready for shipment.
    Loading of the container. Extra spare parts are added to the shipment.
    Shipping out of the factory. We are able to ship dozens of containers a month.



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How We Do It



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