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 Product Features

1. Ergonomic construction with fashion streamline design.

2. Large LED computer showing TIME, SPEED, BODY FAT, etc.

3: 3 build-in workout programs.

4. Wide range speed to fit every slimmer request.

5. Durable steel frame with TPR covering.

6. High quality motor brings smooth workout and sustain maximum user weight of 150 kgs.

7. Overload current protection, anti-jamming and anti-static.

8. Great feet massage


1. Vibrate your whole body, refreshing your body.

2. Vibration is good for healing muscle.

3. Increase strength and flexibility, decrease stress

4. Soothe insomnia efficiently.

5. Stimulate appetite, improve digestion.

6. Increase blood flow to keep you healthy.

7. Activate joints, ease arthrosis ache.

Training Goals

1. Easy and enjoyable workout

2. Better heart strength and body circulation

3. High calorie burning by shaking whole body

4. Great feelings after a workout program

We suggest to work with vibration machine as often as possible. Simply 10 minutes a day will shape your body figure easily. It is not recommended to exercise on it for a few hours within a short period of time, but to do it regularly on a long term basis. The training will earn greater results with balanced nutrition.

Other tip include:

- Wear comfortable cloth, better a sporting suit

- Never exercise with your stomach full. Keep your workout time at least one hours after each meal.

- If you are tired or exhausted, please do not start a workout program

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